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Wick Editor animation contest hosted by Wick Editor and Anim8! The goal of this contest is to introduce animators both old and new to our new free browser animation program called Wick Editor. We want people to have fun playing around with this program and see what awesome creations people can make! No download or money is required to use Wick Editor! As long as you have a access to an internet browser you’re ready to start!


With this animation competition you will be making any animation that has the theme “SPRING” What is the meaning of Spring to you as an animation? You can make it a short story, or just a simple animation. Use your creativity to show us what this theme looks like!


  1. You MUST use the program Wick Editor to make your animation (at least 10-15 seconds) using the theme “SPRING”
  2. You CANNOT use any other program to make your animation but you can use other programs for post production like adding color correction, visual effects, and sound effects.
  3. Animation can be in any size or frame-rate you wish.
  4. No overly sexual or disturbing content.
  5. Animation must be uploaded through Anim8 by checking the submission box.
  6. You may collaborate with other animators but if you win the prize money will still be sent to one paypal account only! Please discuss terms with your group if you decide to collab.



Submit your animation on Anim8 by clicking “UPLOAD” and checking the box “Submission for Wick Editor Anim8 Jam” to officially submit your part. Making an account on Anim8 is free and uploading is easy!

Click here for more info.

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