Image above is Senna from League of Legends. Copyright: Riot Games

Welcome to Art Club—an immersive creative space for enthusiasts at all skill levels! Whether you’re just starting or already have some artistic prowess, this club, guided by the talented local artist Sleepingboi, is designed to elevate your skills and inspire your imagination.

Embark on a journey through the fundamentals of art, covering essential techniques such as sketching, color theory, and mastering the interplay of light and shadows. Refine your abilities in rendering intricate details, crafting captivating backgrounds, and employing layer effects that add depth and sophistication to your creations.

For those who already possess artistic skills, Art Club serves as a dynamic platform to further develop and fine-tune your capabilities. Elevate your craft by delving into advanced topics while receiving personalized guidance from Sleepingboi.

Cap off your artistic adventure by learning how to curate a professional portfolio, showcasing your unique style and accomplishments.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore, refine, and expand your artistic abilities within the supportive community of Art Club. Enroll now and let your creativity flourish in the world of digital art!