Intro: What is a Game?

What makes a game a game? A game is ordered fun. It has rules and goals that control what we do. We play games for different reasons but generally we play them for fun and entertainment. Some games we play to learn new things (like […]

Lesson 2: 8 Kinds of Fun

What makes video games fun? Last lesson we learned how important Game Feel is to making a great game. This lesson will take you through different types of fun. Some games use more then one type of fun. For example Fortnite uses SENSATION, different weapons […]

Lesson 1: Game Feeling

It’s that thing that you can’t quite describe, but the feeling has existed long before even the very first video game, Pong, was launched back in 1972. It’s that feeling you get as you drop into Pleasant Park, or find a Golden Pump. It’s when […]